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Race Station Training Levels

Race Station Professional Coaching offers skills training and professional coaching for cyclists with a specialization in mountain bike and cyclocross. We also offer race logistics, transportation, and technical support.

We provide the training levels you need.  Whether you are looking for USAC category upgrade points or skills to make you a better rider – we provide an intimate experience to ensure your objectives are met.

If you are in need of select skills based training or mechanics, we offer individual based support to get you ready for an event.

Let us help you perform at your best.

Level 1

  • Monthly training plan heart rate based
  • One group training ride a month
  • Once a week contact; phone, email or text

Level 3

  • Monthly training plan Power based
  • Weekly power analysis with feedback
  • Weekly group training rides and one skill specific ride a month
  • Daily contact, phone, email or text

Skill Options


Skills Sessions (hourly):  $65

Motor Pacing: Contact

Bike Fit/Adjustments:  $150

Technical/Equipment Consulting:  Contact

Individual Ride/Power File Analysis: $20

Mechanical Options


Suspension Set Up:  $45

Bike Washing:  $35

Race Preparation:  $85

Race Support:  Contact

Bike/Equipment Transportation:  Contact


Levels or Service Questions?

Please contact Race Station Professional Coaching with any interest or questions regarding our coaching levels or options.  We are happy to have a detailed conversation to better understand your goals and how we can translate that to our coaching philosophy.

Fill out our quick form or email us at for more information!