Race Station Professional Coaching

Let us help you perform at your best!

Race Station Professional Coaching offers skills training and professional coaching for cyclists with a specialization in mountain bike and cyclocross. We also offer race logistics, transportation, and technical support.

Let us help you perform at your best.

Training Packages

Race Station Professional Coaching provides the training levels you need.  Whether you are looking for USAC category upgrade points or skills to make you a better rider – we provide an intimate experience to ensure your objectives are met.

Please review our current coaching levels…

Level 1

  • Monthly training plan heart rate based
  • One group training ride a month
  • Once a week contact; phone, email or text

Level 3

  • Monthly training plan Power based
  • Weekly power analysis with feedback
  • Weekly group training rides and one skill specific ride a month
  • Daily contact, phone, email or text






Scott Minard

Scott Minard

Training Peaks Level 1 Coach

“I believe each athlete has their own unique potential. As an individual, each person deserves and should expect a custom tailored experience that meets their specific needs. Working closely with a coach that understands each athletes strengths and limits are the most effective use of valuable training time.  I work with cyclists that participate in many disciplines and categories. I personally compete in road, mountain and cyclocross events.

I enjoy sharing those experiences and helping others achieve their goals.  I work as and with local race promoters to continue to promote racing locally and introduce new cyclist to the sport. I conduct regular new rider skills clinics to introduce new riders to the basic skills they need as well as hone the technique of advanced riders.  I am a USA Cycling certified coach, Training Peaks certified and WKO user.”

I have a background in competitive motor sports and have trained athletes in most forms of two-wheeled competition.